Montag, 14. März 2011

Treffpunkt AntiAtomDemo 14.30 uhr

Treffen zur Demo heute: 17.45 uhr Domplatte am Fotoladen (einfach vom bahnhof die treppen rauf - da is der gleich, klein an den dom geschmiegt!!!) kommt alle und bringt eure freunde mit!!
meeting 17.45 at the photoshop on the domplatte to get ready for the anti-nuklear-demonstration in cologne! it's high time to stand together and set an example that we will not accept nuclear power stations endanger people and our enviroment any longer! we have to step away from nuclear power, there are so many less dangerous way of producing energy: wind power, solar energy, water power stations, terrestrial heat!
how much trouble we will have to go through, how many people have to get contaminated with radiation, get sick of it and die (a painful death), before politicians stand up against the capitalists and start caring for the needs of the people?
I - as a fan of provocation and radical statements - say, that I could live with less current, lets say, even with 4 hours without current per day: could be announced, so one can be prepared. there could also be a certain amount of current, that every flat is allowed to use up, so we would have a real reason to watch our power consumption! lets not keep tv and stuff in stand by modus or have a tv, a computer, a radio all running at the same time... let's put them OFF. if all german people did so, we could take one nuclear power plant off the net. isn't that worse trying?! surly in other countries it's the same... let's get conscious, lets get up, stand up for our rights - we don't give up the fight!!!

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