Montag, 7. März 2011

eine frage noch....

wie begrüssen sich eigentlich zwei jecke zu karneval in köln?
kölle alaaf?

zu lichtmess hab ich ja "fröhliches lichtmess" gewünscht....

on carnival's friday i have been out with a friend. it's been the first time for me to celebrate colonian (kölsche) carnival in a bar. felt like a tourist. (call me twoflower!) but all in all i enjoyed it very much. was able to get rid of some of my prejudges - and thats always a good thing! lucky for me, i wasn't the only "tourist" at the bars, kind of relaxed me not to be the only one, who didn't know all the sing-along-songs... but i had a great companion, who made it easy for me to get into it. thx chris!
in fact, i had so much fun, that i would like to try to be an MC on a carnival party some time (when i know more of these songs... ;))
if you are interested in carnival, i can only recommend a 4 day trip to cologne, as a fan, as a tourist or as an anthropologist. it's amazing, how a whole town morphs into a party ground.... a friend wrote her diploma thesis on the "kölner carnival" and i am getting very curious by now about what she wrote.

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